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Organisational models in compliance with Legislative Decree 231/2001 and subsequent amendments and integrations 

The administrative liability of companies, introduced by Legislative Decree 231/2001, for crimes committed for the benefit of the company and attributable to its representatives, has now established itself as a very effective tool of prevention and repression.  

The extension of the range of predicate offences to aspects common to all companies, such as offences committed in violation of workplace safety regulations, environmental offences and, last but not least, the offence of self laundering, requires the utmost attention to avoid the heavy penalties imposed on companies by law. 

It is therefore becoming increasingly important, especially for companies operating in sensitive sectors, such as health care, to take action to prepare the corporate organizational model, able to eliminate the responsibilities that the law assigns to them. 

Eumed can assist companies, particularly those active in the biomedical sector, in risk assessment and the preparation of organizational models, for their implementation and updating. In particular, it is able to integrate the various business models, to build a single control system, which simplifies their adoption and increases their effectiveness