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Eumed organizes training courses that can qualify you and make you autonomous in the areas of Quality, Regulatory Affairs and Public Procurement.

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In the health sector and in the management of biomedical products, it is essential to operate competently and quickly, in accordance with the norms and standards of the sector.  

Those involved in sales in this sector, therefore, must have specific technical knowledge, but also skills in the effective management of quality and regulatory aspects peculiar to the sector, as well as commercial skills and effective management of the tasks entrusted to them.  

It is therefore important to understand a dual dimension, the product / service understood as notion and standard and the relationship understood as method and process both in the negotiations and in the processes of design, manufacture, distribution and after-sales. 

Eumed offers its customers its experience in regulatory management, quality and business organization for professional training of personnel, internal and external, scrupulous and effective to help create with its customers a winning team in the increasingly competitive biomedical sector. 

The teaching provided by Eumed, including exercises and solutions of cases and problems relevant to the business, in areas related to its specialist consulting and service, aims to create real added value and not only theoretical to the professional qualification of managers, managers and officers of private and public companies, through courses "in house" at our customers, frontal training at prestigious research institutions (including at university level) and conferences, seminars and refresher courses organized by public bodies and organizations. 

For particularly complex projects, Eumed also avails itself of the collaboration of the company TeCNA, located in Padua, and of the company Opes Risorse, with offices in Mestre (Venice) and Milan, and of professionals specialised in their sectors who work together, respecting the different areas of competence, thus enhancing the expertise to be made available to participants.  

In some sessions, management training experts guide learning by using product experts as "mirrors and testimonials", applying the CSE model (Knowing, Simplifying, Evolving) which explains our guidelines for bringing value to organizations.  

This model is declined, in training and consulting projects, in the macro structure AACC (Analysis_Action_Consolidation_Final Check) that we use to set up effective and efficient development projects and the BAD methodology that is the structure of the micro training actions that we are going to carry out in different learning contexts.